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The RAC Book

I am immensely proud about the feedback we received about the book. The reviews on Amazon UK and US are better than I could ever hope for. OUGN member and Oracle community supporter Oyvind wrote a nice long summary about it on his blog.

Although it has affected me in other ways too I am grateful for the delay with Oracle 12c, which offered the book a much extended shelf life. Looking it up now reveals that there is already a second edition which is rare for a book on Oracle in these short product development cycles.

The book is targeted towards the Oracle practitioner and still relevant today. The Oracle Linux 5 distribution we use in the book is still in mainstream use (see Exadata where it is used even for the cell software) and the tips and tricks in the installation chapters apply.

I have added results of my research to this blog as and when I found it. We received very few emails regarding contents of the book. For that reason I decided not to have a dedicated errata page. The source code for the book should be available from the Apress website. Additionally, information will be replicated to the website dedicated to the book, If you navigate to “media” you should find a subheading for the RAC Book. The information listed there might be more accurately mapped to the chapters.

I hope you enjoyed the book!

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