The RAC Book

What I call the “RAC Book” is actually a complete rewrite based on Steve Shaw’s and Julian Dyke’s Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux (also from Apress).

RAC Book

I am immensely proud about the feedback we received about the book. The reviews on Amazon UK and US are better than I could ever hope for. OUGN member and Oracle community supporter Oyvind Isene wrote a nice long summary about it on his blog.

Although it has affected me in other ways too I am grateful for the delay with Oracle 12c, which offered the book a much extended shelf life. Looking it up now reveals that there is already a second edition which is rare for a book on Oracle in these short product development cycles.

I have added results of my research to this blog as and when I found it. We received very few emails regarding contents of the book. For that reason I decided not to have a dedicated errata page. The source code for the book should be available from the Apress website.

I hope you enjoyed the book!