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Oracle client not relinking properly

One of the tasks I am performing quite regularly is to deploy Oracle software in form of an RPM. In a previous post I described how this proces could work, based on a post by Frits Hoogland.

Employing the same method, I ran into problems with Oracle 11.2.0.x clients. A few facts to start with:

  • Oracle client 64bit
  • Golden image created on Oracel Linux 5
  • Destination: SuSE Enterprise 10 SP4

The problem described here is most likely applicable to other Oracle clients as well although I haven’t verified that.

The problem

After the clone of the client to the SuSE server I couldn’t start SQL*Plus. Fair enough, I hadn’t set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. After that I still couldn’t launch sqlplus because of a segmention fault. So if the clone wants to play it difficult, then I can always try to relink it all. But to my great astonishment that didn’t solve the problem either! Still same error.

The relink operation writes information into a logfile, called $ORACLE_HOME/install/relink.log. Please note that this isn’t the RDBMS home, when referring to ORACLE_HOME in this article I specifically speak of the client home!

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