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Server Pool experiments in RAC 11.2

I spent Wednesday at UKOUG RAC & HA SIG and it was one of the best events I ever attended. Great  audience, and great feedback. One question I was particularly interested in was raised during my presentation, regarding server pools. I have now finally had the chance to experiment with this exciting new feature, my findings are in the blog post. I’ll see if the automatic assignment of nodes to pools works as advertised as well, but that’s for another post. Already this one turned out to be a monster!


I have installed a 3 node RAC cluster on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 update 4 32bit to better understand server pools. I have read a lot about the subject, but as always, first hand experience pays off more than just reading. My environment uses GPnP, essentially it is the environment I described in part 2 of my build your own RAC 11.2 system, extended by another node. Continue reading