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Limiting the Degree of Parallelism via Resource Manager and a gotcha

This might be something very obvious for the reader but I had an interesting┬árevelation┬árecently when implementing parallel_degree_limit_p1 in a resource consumer group. My aim was to prevent users mapped to a resource consumer group from executing any query in parallel. The environment is fictional, but let’s assume that it is possible that maintenance operations for example leave indexes and tables decorated with a parallel x attribute. Another common case is the restriction of PQ resource to users to prevent them from using all the machine’s resources.

This can happen when you perform an index rebuild for example in parallel to speed the operation up. However the DOP will stay the same with the index after the maintenance operation, and you have to explicitly set it back:

SQL> alter index I_T1$ID1 rebuild parallel 4;

Index altered.

SQL> select index_name,degree from ind where index_name = 'I_T1$ID1';

------------------------------ ----------------------------------------
I_T1$ID1		       4


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