Thanks to reader feedback, especially from @oraclebase I have created a navigation page for my various subject areas. If you are coming here for your leisure please have a look at the various topics I wrote about.

The important thing to remember that all posts were as correct as they could be at the time of writing. Older posts refer to technology at the time, and more recent versions are almost certainly different from their ancestors.

Navigation pages

Ansible is a popular language for automation. I wrote quite a few posts about it

Terraform to me is the embodiment of Infrastructure as Code. I really enjoy using it as you can see in the overview page.

I fell in love with Linux during my time at university, and that has been ongoing as you can see for yourself.

Oracle Database
I have been working with the Oracle database pretty much my entire career. Most of my posts deal with it in some way.


The final navigation page shows all categories along with the respective number of posts.

I don’t think any technology had such a profound impact on my career. I wrote a lot of cloud-related posts recently


DevOps is becoming more and more of a skill worth knowing more about. Use this link to read all of my DevOps related posts.