Infrastructure as Code: Terraform

This page contains all my posts about Terraform in chronological order.

Avoid “Warning: Additional provider information from registry” for OCI Terraform Provider

After updating my main development workstation to Fedora 36 including all the tools I regularly use I noticed a change when working with Terraform code. The call to terraform init succeeded but was accompanied by a warning: $ terraform version -no-color Terraform v1.2.3 on linux_amd64 $ terraform init -no-color Initializing the backend… Initializing provider plugins……

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Retrieving passwords from OCI Vault for use in Terraform

This post is written with the intention to complement the excellent “A comprehensive guide to managing secrets in your Terraform code” by Yevgeniy Brikman. Its aim is to detail how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault (OCI Vault) can be used to securely store credentials and subsequently use them in Terraform scripts. If you haven’t done so…

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Create an OCI bastion service via Terraform

Maintaining bastion hosts (a “jump box” or other network entry point directly exposed to the Internet) is somewhat frowned upon by security conscious architects, for good reasons. In my opinion the only way to connect on-premises systems to the cloud is by means of a dedicated, low-latency/high-bandwidth, and most importantly well-secured link. I never liked…

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Device name persistence in the cloud: OCI + Terraform

This is a really short post (by my standards at least) demonstrating how I ensure device name persistence in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Device name persistence matters for many reasons, not the least for my Ansible scripts expecting a given block device to be of a certain size and used for a specific purpose. And…

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