Data Privacy

You are currently visiting a free weblog hosted on The provider of this service is a company named Automattic.

Since this is a hosted service that I am only consuming and customising to some limited extent, there is a shared responsibility between the hosting provider and me as a user of their services. I have tried to separate the two to the best of my knowledge.

Most of this privacy policy’s text falls into this bucket. Automattic provides a lot of information about what data they collect, share and use. Please refer to the following document for a detailed explanation:

In the above-mentioned document, you – the reader of this page, are referred to as “a visitor of our users’ website”.

As a user of “” I am unable to change or remove the “follow” button you usually find in the bottom right of the screen. If you decide to sign up to changes to this blog (for example to be notified when new articles are published), your email address is stored. You agree that you are going to be notified by new posts published on this blog.

To avoid unnecessary complications this website does not make use of comments (more information about existing comments follows in the “site editor” section below), polls, quizzes etc. The relevant functionality isn’t in use and therefore no data is gathered. There are no polls, or other interaction with users.

I would also like to point out the cookies policy that is relevant to this site:

You should have seen the link as part of a “cookie policy banner” when you first visited this site, I have repeated the link here for your convenience.

It might be possible that this site uses Google fonts, documented here:

Site editor

This is my part of the shared responsibility. To keep things simple for myself I have closed commenting to all posts including all future articles I publish. I will not provide any other user interactions either – quizzes, polls, and the likes will not feature on this blog.

If you have commented on an article in the past and want the comment to be removed, please let me know and I’ll do so straight away. I didn’t want to pro-actively remove comments as they serve as correction to where I was wrong and also provide additional insights to readers. When requesting a post to be deleted, kindly indicate the post you commented on in your communication. After I have dealt with your request I will delete all communication.

I removed all buttons to like/share or otherwise link to social media to prevent any exchange of data.

It is your right to request access to personal information stored on this site. It is possible to extract this by enlisting the help of Automattic.