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About this web log

This blog compliments my knowledge base on, it’s a bit more narrative than the collection of tips and other topics I assemble there.

So why another web presence? For starters, not all the articles and papers I produce will be published in other media such as Oracle Scene, DOAG News or Heise’s iX magazine. I still would like to share these with the Oracle community, in an accepted and easily searchable platform. After a little bit of research it seemed that the wordpress software is the best choice.


I personally find participation very important and value your comments so please feel free to post them if you like/dislike the articles, or if you have any suggestions. Also, comments usually spark more conversation and possibly more interesting articles so keep them coming. Although I’ll try helping with questions arising around problems following my posts I can’t guarantee a reply.

So that’s it then

So, to say it in the words of Forest Gump, “this is all I can say” about this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, please let me know if you found any inconsistency or (let’s hope not) errors in the articles. I would like to get a good discussion started, and if you feel like participating then please be my guest!


After a long period of hesitation I decided to join the twitter community to find out what this new thing everybody talks about is. If you care, have a look at my tweets under You can also find my profile on social networking sites linkedin or xing.

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