Creating a new disk group for use with ASM Filter Driver on the command line in Oracle 19c

In my previous post I shared my surprise when I learned that calling 19c for use with Oracle ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD) required me to specify the names of the native block devices. This is definitely different from installing ASM with ASMLib where you pass ASM disks as “ORCL:diskname” to the installer. Um, that’s […]

Silent installation: Oracle Restart 19c, ASM Filter Driver, RHCK edition

As promised in the earlier post here are my notes about installing Oracle Restart 19c on Oracle Linux 7.7 using the RedHat compatible kernel (RHCK). Please consult the ACFS/ASMFD compatibility matrix, My Oracle Support DocID 1369107.1 for the latest information about ASMFD compatibility with various kernels as well. Why am I starting the series with […]

ORA-15186 with ASMLib and device mapper on Linux

Clumsy title but a problem that can slow you down. When creating ASM disk groups, you might not succeed, ASM complains with ORA-15186. UPDATE 221106: Oracle Linux 5/RedHat 5 and Oracle 11.2 are effectively out of support, this article is now archived and should not be referred to. ASM Filter Driver supersedes ASMLib, I have […]