Installing Podman on Oracle Linux 8

Rather than having to use a search engine to read up on how to install podman on Oracle Linux 8, I thought I’d write the procedure down. Hopefully this saves you (and me) a few minutes next time the task comes up. I probably should write a short Ansible Playbook at some point, but that’s for another post.

The easiest way to install podman on Oracle Linux 8 is to install the entire podman module. If you haven’t used modules and application streams yet in Oracle Linux 8 yet, you can find more details in the Oracle Linux 8 documentation. Quoting from chapter 5, section “Use DNF Modules and Application Streams” in Managing Software in Oracle Linux Guide:

DNF introduces the concepts of modules, streams and profiles to allow for the management of different versions of software applications within a single operating system release. Modules can be used to group together many packages that comprise a single application and its dependencies.

This sounds exactly like what I want.

Installing the Podman Module

So what do the concepts of stream and module mean in practice? Podman is shipped as a module in the Application Stream (AppStream):

[root@ol8podman ~]# dnf module list container-tools:ol8
Last metadata expiration check: 0:12:47 ago on Fri 15 Jul 2022 10:13:15 BST.
Oracle Linux 8 Application Stream (x86_64)
Name            Stream  Profiles Summary                                                                 
container-tools ol8 [d] common [ Most recent (rolling) versions of podman, buildah, skopeo, runc, conmon,
                        d]        runc, conmon, CRIU, Udica, etc as well as dependencies such as containe
                                 r-selinux built and tested together, and updated as frequently as every 
                                 12 weeks.

Hint: [d]efault, [e]nabled, [x]disabled, [i]nstalled

Rather than installing the podman RPM on its own and figure out which other packages I need I went with the installation of the entire module:

[root@ol8podman ~]# dnf module install container-tools:ol8 
Last metadata expiration check: 0:15:25 ago on Fri 15 Jul 2022 10:13:15 BST.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                      Arch   Version                                     Repository         Size
Installing group/module packages:
 buildah                      x86_64 1:1.24.2-4.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef    ol8_appstream     8.1 M
 cockpit-podman               noarch 43-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef          ol8_appstream     493 k
 conmon                       x86_64 2:2.1.0-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef     ol8_appstream      55 k
 container-selinux            noarch 2:2.179.1-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef   ol8_appstream      58 k
 containernetworking-plugins  x86_64 1:1.0.1-2.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef     ol8_appstream      18 M
 containers-common            x86_64 2:1-27.0.1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef    ol8_appstream      67 k
 criu                         x86_64 3.15-3.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef        ol8_appstream     518 k
 crun                         x86_64 1.4.4-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef       ol8_appstream     209 k
 fuse-overlayfs               x86_64 1.8.2-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef       ol8_appstream      73 k
 libslirp                     x86_64 4.4.0-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef       ol8_appstream      70 k
 podman                       x86_64 2:4.0.2-6.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef     ol8_appstream      13 M
 python3-podman               noarch 4.0.0-1.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef       ol8_appstream     149 k
 runc                         x86_64 1:1.0.3-2.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef     ol8_appstream     3.0 M
 skopeo                       x86_64 2:1.6.1-2.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef     ol8_appstream     6.7 M
 slirp4netns                  x86_64 1.1.8-2.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef       ol8_appstream      51 k
 udica                        noarch 0.2.6-3.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef       ol8_appstream      49 k
Installing dependencies:
 checkpolicy                  x86_64 2.9-1.el8                                   ol8_baseos_latest 346 k
 cockpit-bridge               x86_64 264.1-1.0.1.el8                             ol8_baseos_latest 535 k
 fuse-common                  x86_64 3.3.0-15.0.2.el8                            ol8_baseos_latest  22 k
 fuse3                        x86_64 3.3.0-15.0.2.el8                            ol8_baseos_latest  55 k
 fuse3-libs                   x86_64 3.3.0-15.0.2.el8                            ol8_baseos_latest  95 k
 glib-networking              x86_64 2.56.1-1.1.el8                              ol8_baseos_latest 155 k
 gsettings-desktop-schemas    x86_64 3.32.0-6.el8                                ol8_baseos_latest 633 k
 json-glib                    x86_64 1.4.4-1.el8                                 ol8_baseos_latest 144 k
 libmodman                    x86_64 2.0.1-17.el8                                ol8_baseos_latest  36 k
 libnet                       x86_64 1.1.6-15.el8                                ol8_appstream      67 k
 libproxy                     x86_64 0.4.15-5.2.el8                              ol8_baseos_latest  75 k
 podman-catatonit             x86_64 2:4.0.2-6.module+el8.6.0+20665+a3b29bef     ol8_appstream     354 k
 policycoreutils-python-utils noarch 2.9-19.0.1.el8                              ol8_baseos_latest 253 k
 protobuf-c                   x86_64 1.3.0-6.el8                                 ol8_appstream      37 k
 python3-audit                x86_64 3.0.7-2.el8.2                               ol8_baseos_latest  87 k
 python3-chardet              noarch 3.0.4-7.el8                                 ol8_baseos_latest 195 k
 python3-idna                 noarch 2.5-5.el8                                   ol8_baseos_latest  97 k
 python3-libsemanage          x86_64 2.9-8.el8                                   ol8_baseos_latest 128 k
 python3-pip                  noarch 9.0.3-22.el8                                ol8_appstream      20 k
 python3-policycoreutils      noarch 2.9-19.0.1.el8                              ol8_baseos_latest 2.2 M
 python3-pysocks              noarch 1.6.8-3.el8                                 ol8_baseos_latest  34 k
 python3-pytoml               noarch 0.1.14-5.git7dea353.el8                     ol8_appstream      25 k
 python3-pyxdg                noarch 0.25-16.el8                                 ol8_appstream      94 k
 python3-requests             noarch 2.20.0-2.1.el8_1                            ol8_baseos_latest 123 k
 python3-setools              x86_64 4.3.0-3.el8                                 ol8_baseos_latest 624 k
 python3-setuptools           noarch 39.2.0-6.el8                                ol8_baseos_latest 163 k
 python3-urllib3              noarch 1.24.2-5.0.1.el8                            ol8_baseos_latest 177 k
 python36                     x86_64 3.6.8-38.module+el8.5.0+20329+5c5719bc      ol8_appstream      19 k
 shadow-utils-subid           x86_64 2:4.6-16.el8                                ol8_baseos_latest 112 k
 yajl                         x86_64 2.1.0-10.el8                                ol8_appstream      41 k
Installing module profiles:
Enabling module streams:
 container-tools                     ol8                                                                
 python36                            3.6                                                                

Transaction Summary
Install  46 Packages

Total download size: 58 M
Installed size: 200 M


This is great! The current stable podman release at the time of writing is 4.1.1, so getting 4.0.2 doesn’t look too bad to me :)


Installing podman on Oracle Linux 8 is quite simple provided you are happy to install the entire podman module. The module provides a very convenient way to install recent releases for podman and its related tools (buildah, skopeo, …). Podman is important enough to get its own User Guide in the Oracle Linux 8 documentation set, the installation instructions I used when putting this post together can be found in chapter 2.