Why does my REST Services menu not show up in SQL Developer?

Oracle SQL Developer has excellent support for Oracle Restful Data Services (ORDS). A lot of the functionality is just a mouse click away. With so many people speaking about RESTful APIs I wanted to see what they are like. However, when I first tried to use SQL Developer to administer ORDS in the database I was surprised at first to not find the menu item to do so. This post might be stating the (insert colourful adjective) obvious, but it took me a little time to work it out and I’m hoping this post saves you 5 minutes.

What’s the problem?

When right-clicking my connection node in the Connections tree I should be shown a menu named “REST Services”. Which I wasn’t, as shown in the figure below.

And no, I did of course not read the documentation beforehand.

And how do you solve it?

After a little research it turns out that said menu appears only after ORDS has been installed. As part of the installation ORDS connects to the database and deploys code, triggering the appearance of “REST Services” menu in SQL Developer when you connect next. Here’s what I think is the relevant output from the installation:

$ java -jar ords.war install simple


Installing Oracle REST Data Services version 19.1.0.r0921545
... Log file written to /home/oracle/ords_install_core_2019-06-13_092412_00708.log
... Verified database prerequisites
... Created Oracle REST Data Services proxy user
... Created Oracle REST Data Services schema
... Granted privileges to Oracle REST Data Services
... Created Oracle REST Data Services database objects
... Log file written to /home/oracle/ords_install_datamodel_2019-06-13_092420_00287.log
... Log file written to /home/oracle/ords_install_apex_2019-06-13_092421_00372.log
Completed installation for Oracle REST Data Services version 19.1.0.r0921545. Elapsed time: 00:00:09.825


Once the deployment is complete, the “REST Services” menu appears (you might have to re-connect), as you can see in the following figure:

Hope this helps!