Little things worth knowing: Creating a RAC One Node database on the command line

This post is going to be super short, and mostly just a note to myself as I constantly forget how to create a RAC One database on the command line. This post is for but should be similar on 12.1 (although I didn’t test!).

Provided you are licensed appropriately, this is probably the most basic way how you create an admin-managed RAC One database on Linux for use in a lab environment:

dbca -silent -createDatabase -gdbName RON -templateName gold_image01.dbc \
 -createAsContainerDatabase false -databaseConfigType RACONENODE \
 -RACOneNodeServiceName RON_SVC -totalMemory 1024 \
 -nodelist rac122node1,rac122node2 -storageType ASM \
 -datafileDestination '+DATA' -recoveryAreaDestination '+RECO' \
 -recoveryAreaSize 10240

This works for me, but most likely not for you :) And it’s certainly not suitable for a production deployment. Make sure to adapt the command as needed; I tend to create gold images for use with dbca, and this is one example.

The command itself should be fairly self-explanatory. If you are unsure about the meaning of the various options, have a look at the output of “dbca -help -createDatabase” and the official documentation/My Oracle Support. I learned the hard way that forgetting the “-nodelist” results in a single instance creation instead of an error message.

I didn’t find too many examples on the net, hope someone finds this useful.