DOAG Exaday 2017: a preview

I am quite excited to have been accepted to speak at the upcoming DOAG Exaday taking place June 20 in Frankfurt. It is the third time I have been lucky enough to present at the event, having spoken both in Frankfurt in Hamburg in previous years.

As you can probably imagine by looking at this weblog, I am a great supporter of the Oracle Engineered Systems community. My interest is not limited to Germany: I still remember the many great meetings in London in the context of UKOUG’s Exadays. I am also very lucky to work for @enkitec where we have been sharing real-world experience at E4 for years and will do so again in June this year.

Unfortunately interest in the UKOUG’s Systems Event has dwindled a bit recently which lead me to focus on the Exadata in Germany this year. I am going to speak – in German – about how you can make your migrations to Exadata easier. This is a talk I have delivered a few times before but leaped at the opportunity to update the material to release 12.2.

I am very glad to see my colleague @fritshoogland and many other great speakers too numerous to mention at the event. If you are an engineer working on Oracle Exadata and its cousins this is definitely the event to attend.