New theme – it was about time

After a lot of searching and testing I have finally decided to put the ageing Andreas09 theme a rest and try a new one. It has been nagging me for years that the representation of the blog is more like the early 2000s than 201x. Or was it late 1990s? Anyway, out with the old, in with the new.

The biggest problem I have with finding suitable templates is a) that I have insufficient talent in the fine arts, and b) that I present a lot of code examples. I guess point a) can’t be helped much, but b) had to be reasonably taken care of.

The monospaced font I use in the code blocks is usually far too large-10pt or more-in most themes that I otherwise liked a lot. The current one seems to use 10pt at maximum which is a good compromise although I would have preferred 9pt. My favourite font family for coding since my MacOS 7 days is Monaco, 9pt. I wish :)

I think the new theme works, at least for the last 10 posts I saw on my laptop. I am not 100% sure about tablet or mobile devices though, so please let me know. I am willing to take a leap of faith because, on the other hand (although I have never checked) I guess most visitors to this blog hit the pages via a search engine using a desktop computer or laptop of some sort.

So in summary I hope you like the new layout as it is, and I appreciate your comments. Should you know a better theme for my style of writing (code!) then let me know in the comments as well, I might give it a whirl.


4 thoughts on “New theme – it was about time

  1. Eric Farquhar

    The layout looks good to me. There seems to be no way to search for old content or to chose a category such as 12c, oem etc like you used to have. The links to your fav blogs have also gone. It could of course just be me not seeing it.
    Eric Farquhar

  2. Ben Brumm

    The new theme looks great! It’s simple and easy to read the article and the code samples. I recently updated the theme on my own Oracle blog to make it easier to read, but I have to manually adjust the HTML for the code samples. Does the formatting for your code samples come included in the theme, or do you have to make adjustments?

    1. Martin Bach Post author

      Hi Ben,

      as you can see from the URL I am using The source code I embed is formatted using the [sourcecode] tags. The tool is based on Alex Gorbachev’s source code formatter and it can take a range of input values to enable syntax highlighting etc.

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