I am speaking at AIM & Database Server combined SIG

If you haven’t thought about attending UKOUG’s AIM & Database Server combined SIG, you definitely should! The agenda is seriously good with many well known speakers and lots of networking opportunity. It’s also one of the few events outside an Oracle office. 

I am speaking about how you can use incremental backups to reduce cross-platform transportable tablespace (TTS) downtime:

A little known MOS note describes how you can potentially reduce downtime by a significant amount when migrating databases between systems with different endianness. Many sites are looking for ways to move their databases from big-endian platforms such as HP-UX, AIX or Solaris/SPARC to an Exadata system running Linux. A new functionality called cross-platform incremental backup in conjunction with the already-known cross-platform transportable tablespaces makes this possible. When using incrementally rolled forward backups the source system stays up while the destination database is instantiated. Further incremental backups are then applied to the destination to keep it current-while the source system stays fully available.

At the time of the cut-over only a final incremental backup needs to be transferred to the destination host, which is significantly smaller than the full set normally transferred. The time window for when the source tablespaces have to be offline often is a lot smaller than compared to the traditional TTS process.

Hope to see you there!