Grid Infrastructure And Database High Availability Deep Dive Seminars 2013

So this is a little bit of a plug for myself and Enkitec but I’m running my Grid Infrastructure And Database High Availability Deep Dive Seminars again for Oracle University. This time these events are online, so no need to come to a classroom at all.

Here is the short description of the course:

Providing a highly available database architecture fit for today’s fast changing requirements can be a complex task. Many technologies are available to provide resilience, each with its own advantages and possible disadvantages. This seminar begins with an overview of available HA technologies (hard and soft partitioning of servers, cold failover clusters, RAC and RAC One Node) and complementary tools and techniques to provide recovery from site failure (Data Guard or storage replication).

In the second part of the seminar, we look at Grid Infrastructure in great detail. Oracle Grid Infrastructure is the latest incarnation of the Clusterware HA framework which successfully powers every single 10g and 11g RAC installation. Despite its widespread implementation, many of its features are still not well understood by its users. We focus on Grid Infrastructure, what it is, what it does and how it can be put to best use, including the creation of an active/passive cold failover cluster for web and database resources.

If you are interested I would like to invite you to head over to the Oracle University website here which has a more extensive synopsis and all the detail you need:

UPDATE: I received several emails and comments that the above link does not work. I couldn’t reproduce this until today. It appears to be an issue with the country selection. If you have USA selected in the top right corner the link won’t work, switching to United Kingdom (my preference) will fetch the course detail. I don’t quite understand as to why that is the case since the class is virtual and not depending on a country…

I hope to hear from you during the course!


7 thoughts on “Grid Infrastructure And Database High Availability Deep Dive Seminars 2013

  1. spbutterworth

    Alas the URL doesn’t point to a valid page on the Oracle Education site… :(

    1. Martin Bach Post author

      Strange, I did a straight copy&paste of the URL and it worked for me. I have now added a different URL that works for me as well and this time hopefully for you too!

      Failing that you can always search for “Martin Bach” on the main Oracle education site and find me that way.

      1. Martin Bach Post author

        Hi Stephen,

        It seems to have to do with the country selection on the website. The link didn’t return any data for me when my location was set to United States. It did fetch the detail for United Kingdom for example.

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