Signed on the dotted line-Enkitec!

I had to think of ‏@OyvindIsene, a great ambassador of the Norwegian Oracle User Group when I typed the heading for this post. Unlike him I have not actively been looking for new challenges but sometimes things just develop, and in my case that was a great turn of events. I am very happy to have signed on the dotted line and in a couple of weeks will join Enkitec in Europe.

How did that happen? During an Oracle conference I met Andy Colvin together with some of his colleagues during a break in the busy schedule. I already knew and respected Enkitec as a great company with lots of seriously experienced DBAs. I feel fortunate to actually know some of them already from email and other social media exchanges.

Andy and I have exchanged a few tweets in the past and I really like his blog so I was curious to meet him in person. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to go and speak at an American conference so anytime someone I know from the other side of the Atlantic comes to Europe I try to meet up. I had a great time but unfortunately had to run since my talk started a few minutes later. It was quite funny actually although I’m not so sure if my presentation was up to my own expectations. The conversations I had made a lasting impression on me.

Over the cause of the next months we remained in contact, and I had the great pleasure to meet Kerry Osborne together with Andy a little later and that was when I seriously thought that I wanted to join a team I do admire. Now with all the paperwork done and dusted, and having signed I can’t wait to get started.


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  1. DanyC

    Congrats, well deserved to be part of a great & respected team!!! Keep the good job of blogging :)

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