Performance testing with Virident PCIe SCM

Thanks to the kind introduction from Kevin Closson I was given the opportunity to benchmark the Virident PCIe flash cards. I have written a little review of the testing conducted, mainly using SLOB. To my great surprise Virident gave me access to a Westmere-EP system running a top of the line 2s12c24t system with lots of memory.

In summary the testing shows that the “flash revolution” is happening, and that there are lots of vendors out there building solutions for HPC and Oracle database workloads alike. Have a look at the attached PDF for the full story if you are interested. When looking at the numbers please bear in mind it was a two socket system! I’m confident the server could not max out the cards.

Full article:

Virident testing martin bach consulting


1 thought on “Performance testing with Virident PCIe SCM

  1. Simon Haslam

    I enjoyed reading your white paper Martin – very interesting, thanks. How would you see such a flash card used in real database servers though (where you need to consider resilience too) – a pair for duplexed redo logs?

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