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OUGN Spring meeting 2012

I had the great pleasure to spend the better part of last week at the Norwegian Oracle User Group’s spring conference. Martin Nash and I helped promote the Real Application Cluster platform on the attendees’ laptop in a program called RAC Attack.  RAC Attack has its home on the wikibooks website where the whole program is documented and available for self-study. The purpose of the hands-on labs which Jeremy Schneider started a few years ago is to allow users to get practical experience installing Oracle Linux, Grid Infrastructure and the RDBMS binaries before creating a two node database. Following the database creation a practical session ensues which explains certain HA concepts with RAC such as session failover. We are planning on greatly enhancing the lab session as we go along. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see covered by us then please let us know!

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RAC Attack at OUGN 2012

Quick post to bring the Virtual Box PDF to the attendees. Follow this link to get the instructions

RAC Attack Using VirtualBox


This post was the best way to get the PDF instructions to participants of the OUGN 2012 RAC Attack seminar without too much effort on our side. If you have since then used your favourite search engine and ended up here in the hope that there is an interesting story please navigate here instead:

Thanks for passing by!

No more excuse not to use large pages in Linux

This is a very quick post to remind users of the importance of large pages. Before it was a little more elaborate process to determine the number of large pages to be set aside for Oracle, but now it’s so simple there isn’t any more excuse not to use large pages. If you have > 16G SGA and lots of processes, check the impact of large pages in /proc/meminfo before and after. By implementing large pages at a former company I reduced the page tables overhead from 20G (60G sga, processes set to 1000, most often around 800 sessions connected) to a fraction of that number.

Here is why you can’t hide anymore:

Starting ORACLE instance (normal)
****************** Large Pages Information *****************

Total Shared Global Region in Large Pages = 0 KB (0%)

Large Pages used by this instance: 0 (0 KB)
Large Pages unused system wide = 0 (0 KB) (alloc incr 64 MB)
Large Pages configured system wide = 0 (0 KB)
Large Page size = 2048 KB

 Total Shared Global Region size is 20 GB. For optimal performance,
 prior to the next instance restart increase the number
 of unused Large Pages by atleast 10241 2048 KB Large Pages (20 GB)
 system wide to get 100% of the Shared
 Global Region allocated with Large pages

Now just set vm.nr_hugepages (plus memlock in /etc/security/limits.conf) and off you go!

AIM SIG and my talk about Enterprise Manager 12c

Yesterday I presented at UKOUG’s Availability, Infrastructure and Management Special Interest Group (hey, say this 3 times in a row, quickly!) about Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and my experience with it. As my good fried Piet de Visser pointed out I had way too much to say for the 45 minute slot allocated. But then Piet always tells me that. Sadly he is also often right :) That’s why I like seeing him during my talks!

In summary I would have liked to do a different presentation, and that’s for two reasons: 1) I overran and 2) I haven’t managed to show the patching part which is hugely interesting, at least to me.

Now here’s the reason for the blog post. I haven’t done online seminars yet, and was wondering if people were interested in a 1-1.5 hour UKOUG-like presentation from myself, broadcast via Goto Meeting or similar to an audience. Would that be of interest? The topics to be covered are:

  • Thinking about the installation of OEM 12c including HA and other deployment options
  • Walking through the installation using print screens (it takes too long and I would bore you showing a slow moving progress bar)
  • Demo time, i.e. logging on to the system and showing a few things

For the interactive part I’d

  • show the new user interface
  • walk through the agent push
  • demonstrate how to add a target
  • and finally guide you through the patching process

I prefer this to be interactive (technology permitting), with a timescale of 1 to 1.5 hours and a Q&A session at the end. I will try to set something up if there is sufficient interest.

WARNING & disclaimer

I’m not an expert in OEM 12c! I installed it, played with it and can show you what I know.

Availability Infrastructure & Management SIG March 14th 2012

I am proud to be able to speak at the first instalment of the Availability, infrastructure and management SIG on March 14th in  the London City office.

The event is announced on the UKOUG website here:

Unfortunately I will be between you and lunch! I hope that works out, and I don’t overrun.

I am going to demonstrate my (little) knowledge of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12.1. I looked at it for one of my customers and came to like it. As it is very different from the previous versions of the product, a more closely focused session seems appropriate. An Internet connection permitting, I am going to demonstrate navigation through the new interface, self update, target discovery and if time permits, I will patch a single instance HA environment (also known as Oracle Restart).

If all demos work this could be quite an entertaining sessions, questions are welcome!