Copying the password file for RAC databases

This post is inspired by a recent thread on the oracle-l mailing list. In post “11g RAC orapw file issue- RAC nodes not updated” the fact that the password file is local to the instance has been brought up. In fact, all users with the SYSOPER or SYSDBA role granted are stored in the password file, and changing the account for the SYS user on one instance doesn’t mean the password change is reflected on the other RAC instances. Furthermore, your Data Guard configuration will break as well, since the SYS account is used to log in to the standby database.

On a related note, the change of the sys password for the ASM instance in GRID_HOME will propagate to all cluster nodes automatically, a fact I have first seen mentioned on the Dutch Prutser’s weblog, Harald van Breederode.

Now to get over the annoyance of having to manually copy the new password file to all cluster nodes I have written a small shell script, which I use for all my Linux clusters. It takes the ORACLE_SID of the local instance for input, then works out the corresponding ORACLE_HOME and copies the password file to all instances in the cluster, as listed in the output of olsnodes. The script can deal with separation of duty, i.e. Systems where GRID_HOME is owned by a different owner then the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME. The script is by no means perfect, and could be extended to deal with a more general setup. My assumption is that all cluster nodes have a 1:1 mapping of Oracle instance and ORACLE_SID, for example instance PROD1 will be hosted on the first cluster node, prodnode1.

The script is shown below, it’s been written and tested on Linux:


# A small and simple script to copy a password file
# to all nodes of a cluster
# This works for me, it doesn't necessarily work for you,
# and the script is provided "as is"-I will not take
# responsibility for its operation and it comes with no
# warrenty of any sorts
# Martin Bach 2011
# You are free to use the script as you feel fit, but please
# retain the reference to the author.
# Usage: requires the local ORACLE_SID as a parameter.
# requires the ORACLE_SID or DBNAME to be in oratab

[[ $ORACLE_SID == "" ]] && {
 echo usage `basename $0` ORACLE_SID
 exit 1


# change to /var/opt/oracle/oratab for Solaris

#### this section doesn't normally have to be changed

ORACLE_HOME=`grep $DBNAME $ORATAB | awk -F":" '{print $2}'`
[[ $ORACLE_HOME == "" ]] && {
 echo cannot find ORACLE_HOME for database $DBNAME in $ORATAB
 exit 2

cp -v orapw$ORACLE_SID /tmp

echo starting copy of passwordfile
for NODE in `$GRID_HOME/bin/olsnodes`; do
 echo copying orapw$ORACLE_SID to $NODE as orapw${DBNAME}${INST}
 scp orapw$ORACLE_SID $NODE:${ORACLE_HOME}/dbs/orapw${DBNAME}${INST}
 INST=$(( $INST + 1))

It’s fairly straight forward, we first get the ORACLE_SID and use this to get the ORACLE_HOME for the database.  The GRID_HOME has to be hard coded to keep it compatible with < 11.2 database where you could have a CRS_HOME different from the ASM_HOME. For Oracle < 11.2, you need to set the GRID_HOME variable to your Clusterware home.

The DBNAME is the $ORACLE_SID without trailing number, which I need to work out the SIDs of the other cluster nodes. Before copying the password file from the local node to all cluster nodes a copy is taken to /tmp, just in case.

The main logic is in the loop provided by the output of olsnodes, and the local password file is copied across all cluster nodes.

Feel free to use at your own risk, and modify/distribute as needed. This works well for me, especially across the 8 node cluster.


2 thoughts on “Copying the password file for RAC databases

  1. Jon Crisler

    Very nice Martin !! I see a small change that I would need since our ORACLE_SID is the local SID rather than the DB name, but overall very nice !

  2. Jon Crisler

    Also- the ASM orapwd propigation when the password is changed only happens on 11.2+ for ASM. 11.1 will not propigate the orapwd file for ASM either.

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