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Automatic log gathering for Grid Control 11.1

Posted by Martin Bach on March 1, 2011

Still debugging the OMS problem (it occasionally hangs and has to be restarted) I wrote a small shell script to help me gather all required logs for Oracle support. These are the logs I need for the SR, Niall Litchfield has written a recent blog post about other useful log locations.

The script is basic, and can possibly be extended. However it saved me a lot of time getting all the required information to one place from where I could take it and attach it to the service request. Before uploading I usually zip all files into to avoid clashing with logs already uploaded. I run the script via cron daily at 09:30.


# A script to gather diagnostic information for OMS GC 11.1 for use by Oracle
# Support
# WARNING the previous output of the script's execution is NOT preserved!
# (c) Martin Bach Consulting Ltd All rights reserved
# The script performs the following tasks
# 1) creates a heap dump for the EMGC_OMS1 server
# 2) creates a compressed tar archive of all server logs
#    including the webtier

set -x


# get heap dump for EMGC_OMS1-I upped the JVM args to -Xms of 768M which works
# fine as an identifier in Solaris 10. For Linux you may have to grep for EMGC_OMS1
# in the ps output
# the heap dump goes into EMGC_OMS1.out which is compressed and saved later
DUMP=`ps -ef | grep "Xms768m" | grep -v grep | awk '{print "kill -3 "$2}'`

if [ ! -d $DST_DIR ]; then
echo $DST_DIR does not exist-creating it
mkdir -p $DST_DIR

# get the relevant logs
cd $GC_INST/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/log/
tar -cvf - . | gzip > $DST_DIR/gc_inst.em.EMGC_OMS1.sysman.log.tar.gz

cd $GC_INST/user_projects/domains/GCDomain/servers/EMGC_OMS1/logs/
tar -cvf - . | gzip > $DST_DIR/

cd $GC_INST/user_projects/domains/GCDomain/servers/EMGC_ADMINSERVER/logs/
tar -cvf - . | gzip > $DST_DIR/

cd $GC_INST/WebTierIH1/diagnostics/logs/OHS/ohs1
tar -cvf - . | gzip > $DST_DIR/webtier.ohs1.log.tar.gz

cd $GC_INST/WebTierIH1/diagnostics/logs/OPMN/opmn
tar -cvf - . | gzip > $DST_DIR/webtier.opmn.log.tar.gz

Good luck!

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