GC 11.1 and Monitoring Templates

Throughout the last 2 weeks I have been working (or better: tried to work) with Grid Control 11.1 as the central monitoring and deployment solution for my current project.

The plan is to use EMGC 11.1 in conjunction with an 8 node cluster to automatically deploy RAC One Node databases. Please don’t ask about RAC One Node-that wasn’t my decision, and as I understand the previous project members only chose this as a poor compromise to keep the operations team happy(-ish)

Besides the fact that the OMS-which runs in a Solaris Zone repeatedly “hangs” and can’t be contacted by emcli or any browser (Bug 11804553)-RAC One Node is NOT SUPPORTED as a target in Grid Control 11.1. It might be supported in GC 12.1 later in 2011. But I digress

The Requirement

The OPS team maintains their own management servers. To allow us to perform some testing with the automatic database deployment without messing with a life OMS, it has been decided to install OEM GC 11.1 with PSU 2 locally on Solaris with a repository database on Linux. We needed GC11.1 to supoprt our cluster.

After the installation of the OMS I tried to export the required management templates from the life OMS (remember it’s and import them into 11.1 to save myself a lot of work.

Export a management template

The export function seems to have been introduced in and it works great. All you need to do it hop on the OMS, and use “emcli” (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface) to log on and export the template. A sample session is shown here:

  • emcli login -username=yourUserName -password=yourPassword
  • emcli export_template -name=TemplateName -target_type=TargetType -output_file=/path/to/templateName.xml

If you are unsure about template names and targets, you can connect to the repository as sysman and query mgmt_templates:


And so I happily exported the management templates from the OMS.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, you can’t import non 11.1 templates into an 11.1 OMS. When I tried it I got the following error:

$ emcli import_template -files=”emd.10205.xml”
Monitoring template file emd.10205.xml exported from OMS can not be imported to OMS

Bugger. Sure enough, the XML file has a version tag:

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<MonitoringTemplate template_name="Agent Template" target_type="oracle_emd" is_public="0" oms_version="" owner="SYSMAN" xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/DataCenter/MonitoringTemp">

The solution is to revert to the bad old times and manually comparing source and destination. A rather laborious and tiresome way of getting information across. Don’t forget to export the completed template from 11.1 to save yourself from going through that again.