Logica Guru4Pro – Amstelveen

Yesterday I returned from a trip to Amsterdam where I presented about Grid Infrastructure 11.2 as part of Logica’s Guru 4 Pro series. I have to say it has been a very pleasant experience! And it marked the first time I presented outside the UK as well.

Logica Holland runs a series of events where renowned experts present about the latest and greatest developments in their field. I was very pleased getting an invitation to the series, and gladly accepted. I opted to give the audience a “close look at Grid Infrastructure”. I think Oracle University would have termed it a “Deep Dive”, and a deep dive it was!

The flight from London Gatwick, my “home” airport to Amsterdam is very short indeed, I had the feeling I spent more time on taxiways than in the air. Upon arrival I was picked up by Dennis van Onselen, Logica’s Practice Manager. I really appreciate not having had to resort to a taxi to the venue!

Before the main event kicked off at 18:30 in the evening there was time for a session with Logica employees. For about two and a half we went through pros and cons of various technologies in the Oracle portfolio, and had a really good discussion along the way. I hope the attendees found it useful.

After a short break, I started my talk which was well received by the audience. I recognised some familiar faces in the audience, and was very pleased to also see Piet de Visser who I haven’t met all year and who introduced me to Anjo Kolk-I didn’t know he was part of the audience as well. After the presentation which was the longest I gave so far (around 90 minutes) we had a great discussion about the contents and high availability strategies in general. I felt a little strain on my voice, even though I was mike’d up after a cold I was suffering from at the weekend. I can fully understand singers now who can’t make it to their concert. But I’m back to normal now, hoping it won’t repeat itself during next week’s UKOUG conference.

One of the really good things that came out of this session was the prospect of returning to Holland for more presentations about RAC and all things around it. I would be delighted to return, anyone interested please drop me a line. And that of course includes Miracle!

By the way, I have converted the presentation to a PDF, and it can be downloaded here.