Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux is out

So it has finally happened, the day many of you who patiently waited for. Amazon and other publishers are fulfilling pre-orders! The book I helped publish, Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux is out in print.

I received my author copies last week, and was very happy to see that after the book was out in the USA first, the “pre-order now” recommendation has been removed from Amazon’s UK and German websites when I last checked.

I have to give great credit to all of those who helped me make this possible with extra input and pointers to related information. On the Linux part Steve has done an incredible job compiling all this useful information you don’t find in this form anywhere else.

From now on, feedback and new research with specific reference to the book will appear on my wordpress blog (the one you are reading now), in a separate category-“RAC Book”.

So thanks again for all your patience while we were working very hard to finish the book.


8 thoughts on “Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux is out

  1. Kevin Fries

    What I find hilarious is that the 10G book is 16 dollars more at Amazon. Of course the list prices are 20 dollars off but that’s too easy a target and certainly not your problem. I have the 10G book and it’s quite good as I’ve used it for other operating systems. What’s even more curious is that there’s a “used” market for the 11G book on Amazon.

    Having a co-worker who has published a book on another topic, I’ve found that the “used” and “new” from other sellers have appeared before the book is even out in print.

    One suggestion is a brief synopsis of what’s new in 11G in the “Product Description” to encourage others to buy the book. This is helpful for the folks who have the 10G book. I’m mentioning this as there’s no “Look inside” provided and brick and mortar book stores are notoriously bad at having new books on the topic stocked.

    1. Martin Post author

      Hi Kevin,

      thanks for your comments. Just when I heard the book was about to be released I got an email from Amazon, titled “huge savings”. In it, our book was reduced in price :)

      What’s new in the 11g book-well, a lot. The chapter about Clusterware and ASM, as well as the upgrade (from 10g) are very relevant to 11g Release 2. The Linux part has also been updated to take new developments and Linux releases into account. An all new virtualisation chapter focuses on Oracle VM. I’ll put something together more sophisticated than this reply in a follow-on post.


      1. Martin Post author


        Although it is always nice to upgrade and get more hardware, you could use virtualisation as covered in the book to get started with 11.2 :)

  2. David Burnham

    Congratulations Martin – It must be great to see the book in print and all your hard work rewarded!

  3. Ron Chennells

    Well done just reading this now looks good.
    Under the section

    Using Files Instead of Devices (page 501)

    May be worth mentioning that if the files are NFS mounted for example then they are shareable by all RAC nodes. I use this method to get around the limitations of sharing in VMware workstation hosted RAC for my own testing and educatinal use. No need even to use ASMLIB

  4. Hasan Jawaid

    I would like to get a practical book on RAC using exadata with performance tuning tips.

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