Updates on my knowledge base

A productive day today, and also the right time to advertise my knowledge base on http://www.the-playground.de/ . I learned about a few things, as I am testing database resident connection pooling with Oracle and CGI-bin (anyone remember mod_cgi :). Want to get PHP up and running against my four node RAC cluster as well.

SSH profiles per host

I set up ~/.ssh/config and added profiles for my lab. Now I can log in just like in putty, without having to specify numerous “-L” options to the ssh program. Information about how this was done is available here: SSH profiles

Enable mod_userdir with Apache

Following the 2 Day + PHP developer guide I had to configure mod_userdir on my box. The instructions weren’t too clear and I always wanted to understand it better. The blog entry can be found here.

Calculate memory Usage for domUs

A small script and new entry to the script library to calculate how much memory is used per domU. Not too exciting but useful.