A day at UKOUG Conference in Birmingham

What a great decision to go to UKOUG #tech_ebs on Monday! I’ve managed to see presentations from Wolfgang Breitling, James Morle and Tom Kyte (twice). So that was good. But the even better part was catching up with Julian Dyke, Piet de Visser (I promise I will read more of your blog!), David Kurtz, the guys from Nominet (feeling sorry for Jason who was on remote support duties today and I couldn’t see him), David Burnham and the e-DBA bunch. Thanks for the nice orange juice Mike! I saw Joel Goodman with Harald von der Brederode from a distance but couldn’t get through the crowd to say hello. Connor McDonald also attended the conference, but we have never really been introduced (he also used to work for e-DBA for a short period of time).

Over the following days I will try and milk it to get a number of blog posts, one per session I attended-the first is already done-see below.

Now, the conference certainly is a highlight, no doubt about it. I started my day with Tom Kyte’s “what are we stll doing wrong?” I immediately wanted to send all the “developers” I am working with to the talk. Simple, basic topics that haven’t changed for ages. Use of bind variables, simple non verbose but concise code. Oh how much I’d like to see this. No more “I didn’t write this query, hibernate did” excuses or “I don’t know where in the application that is executed”. You have to be a Java developer to appreciate the “beauty” of such code. As a DBA, I am not so sold on the whole thing. Neither do I like the term “legacy DBMS” for mature products such as Oracle, but the same applies for DB2 and Sybase. I also think that each developer I have to work with should be force-fed “effective Oracle by Design”, and I am going to have an exam with them in batches. But unfortunately that won’t happen.