My Oracle Support broken again

Some more grief today when trying to raise service requests through the flashy yet unreliable MOS frontend. Today has apparently seen the rollout of a patch only to break it some more. Check the oracle-l mailing list archives for some user feedback, it really has been horrendous. If you had to design a hack of the site, it couldn’t have been as bad.

But I digress. I had the problem that MOS didn’t accept my choice of product in the 2nd page of the wizard, even when selecting it from the drop-down list. Oracle Server – Enterprise Edition: how could this be more basic? Anyway, I phoned Oracle support and the first 3 people hung up in the cause of our conversation. Now that it creative support work! But it’s only a problem with the application, which can be worked around. First of all, don’t use the flash interface, for the obvious problems. Use the HTML version instead: and log in as normal

In order to raise a SR, use the following instructions after having clicked on “Create SR”:

  • Please fill in the first 2 pages only!
  • Then click on “save draft”
  • Sign out of metalink, then close your browser (not joking!)
  • Start another browser and log in again using the html interface
  • Next go to the SRs and find your draft
  • From there on, proceed as normal.

Hope that helps!

5 thoughts on “My Oracle Support broken again

  1. PdV

    Submitting an SR was Hard work even in good times.
    Bad memories.

    My last SR dates back to eh.. late Sept-09.
    There is an advantage to having simple, conservative, boring, old-fashioned clients.

    Good Luck!
    and see you in Brum.
    (Oh did I mention my pres is on Wed, speaking at the same time as two real celebs… I need to Bang the drum, post the comments, and do the twitting. Off to drop a few more friendly comments to fill my room. LOL)

    1. Martin Post author

      Yes, unfortunately. And nowadays you can’t even escape big brother “Oracle Configuration Manager”. Yesterday even the instructions in the blog didn’t work, here’s what Oracle Support came up with as solution:

      Quote: Delete the “Cache” and “Cookies” from IE, close all the IE windows and open in a new window”

      Seemed to have worked for some of my colleagues

    1. Martin Post author

      You are welcome!

      By the way, Jared Still commented on the mailing list that you could as well use the PDBA suite of perl modules which include a password store. The code is freely available from the o’reilly website if memory serves me right, and when you are at it, get the excellent Perl for Oracle DBAs book that goes with it as well.

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