Welcome to Martin Bach’s weblog, where I am blogging about technology I’m interested in. This includes all sorts of topics about the Oracle ecosystem, the Linux operating environment, Linux distributions, kernels and other internals as well as any other Open Source Software topic I come across that sparked my interest.

The content on the blog reflects my personal opinion, I have never spoken for any of my employers, and promise I won’t do so. Opinions and everything else you find here are my own. Neither is any of the code you see here “official” code with regards to my employers, past, present and future. When I’m sharing code it’s my own and should be treated with the same level of scepticism every other piece of code on the Internet should be treated as. I have of course tried my best to ensure it does what it should, but I won’t be held responsible for any adverse side effects it might cause.

I am happy for anyone to reference my contents, as long as the original author and sources are clearly indicated.

I am an Oracle Database Administrator by trade, and you will find plenty of material about my favourite database management system here. For some time now I have been looking into other technology as well, mainly DevOps, micro-services-driven software development and deployments, their underlying infrastructure and generally speaking emerging trends. This turned out to be so exciting that I started adding a few more categories to the blog where you can expect more content to arrive very soon.

How to navigate content

Some time ago I changed the blog template but found out that adding side-bars and other widgets to the left reduces screen estate too much. I am now adding a search box to this page as well as a list of the 10 latest posts, which you find at the bottom of this page.

In addition I created a navigation page for your convenience, it’s up in the menu bar. Hopefully it allows you to browse this weblog, rather than relying on search engines. Over time I’m hoping to improve the experience.

And now for the boring stuff

This blog is about technology, and does not concern itself with either licensing nor monetary aspects (=cost). Many of the posts hosted on my blog refer to software that requires (extra) licensing to use. Always make sure you are license compliant.

Articles describing cloud features might include examples where cloud infrastructure is created. If you follow along, these cloud resources will most likely cost you money. To limit the spending, ensure you tear all of these resources down after use if you no longer need them. Or don’t create the resources at all, which is the cheapest way.

The other very important warning equally applies to everything that’s published on the Internet. All technology has a shelf live, and I recently noticed that my first posts on this blog date back almost 10 years. If you come across content, always check if it is still relevant. All the information on this blog is offered in good faith and in the hope you find it useful. I cannot guarantee that it is correct.

The shelf-life of cloud articles is particularly short! Always check the publishing date of a post to get an idea if the material might still be relevant.

And you should never execute code that you haven’t fully and completely understood and tested thoroughly in a lower tier environment.

When in doubt, open a service request ticket with your vendor!